Available Hours

Tues: 9-5 pm
Wed: 9-9 pm
Thurs: 9-9 pm
Fri: 9-5 pm

Services Offered include:

Life Coaching

Life transitions
Grief and bereavement issues
Maintaining a healthy life balance
Anger Management issues
Promoting wellness in life
Overcoming depression and anxiety
Stress and trauma relief
Win/win strategies in decision- making and personal growth
Midlife issues for women and men

Couples Counselling

Marriage preparation and compatibility
Solution focused strategies in repairing/building relationships
Parenting issues during separation and divorce
Relationship transitions
Uncoupling in a healthy way
Abuse in relationships (physical, sexual, financial and emotional)

Counselling for Families

Dispute resolution in familial relationships (parent-adult-child)
Parenting issues
Risk assessment for spousal, child, and elder abuse issues
Anger management techniques for couples
Self-esteem and self-identity issues
Developing communication and coping skills to enhance relationships
Sibling rivalry resolution

Business/Work Life

Developing win-win strategies in decision making
Techniques in supervision and management styles
Developing team building and collaborative partnerships
Ethical considerations in business practices
Money management coach
Financial planning and decision making processes
Identity and adjustment issues in retirement
Making balanced and informed financial decisions

Spiritual Awareness

Exploring spiritual and faith issues in a changing world
Making moral and ethical decisions in difficult times
How to apply spiritual concepts in everyday life
Strategies for "walking the talk" in personal and professional life